"Ms. Bayer brings her sweet voice and dramatic range to some of the show's prettiest tunes."  -- Sharon Eberson, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Lindsay Bayer is haunting as Floyd's damaged sister." -- Ted Hoover, City Paper

"Another strong performance by Lindsay Bayer in the role of Floyd's sprite-like little sister. Her acting added levity to what could have gotten too depressing tonally..." -- Nichole Faina, Pittsburgh in the Round


"Lindsay Bayer, as Percy, soars with her gorgeous, expressive pipes." -- Ted Hoover, City Paper

"Her role is so multi-level and Lindsay Bayer hits all those levels. She's hard, tough, vulnerable, gentle, sweet...her very rich, powerful yet mellow voice blends perfectly with Erin Lindsey Krom's gorgeous soprano. The beauty of [Colors of Paradise] brought tears to my eyes." -- Brian Edward, 'Burgh Vivant


"...a blithe spirit bordering on Manic Pixie Dream Girl territory...Bayer truly tears the roof off in her Sondheim-inspired "Tirade" at the climax of Act 2... one of the finest portrayals of Aspergers this side of Parenthood on NBC... " --Greg Kerestan, BroadwayWorld

"Bayer brings the right combination of innocence and curiosity to the childlike Clara.." -- Wendy Arons, Pittsburgh Tattler

"Lindsay Bayer and Joshua Grosso, as the young lovers, sing with a beauty that can drive you into the back wall." -- Ted Hoover, City Paper

"Lindsay Bayer plays Clara with all the energy and naivety of a Disney princess, and her clear soprano voice bursts Clara's heart out onto the stage." --Isaac Crow, The Pittsburgh Stage Online


"Bayer stands out as the daughter who seems to not care and even appears bothered by her family’s situation, though she is secretly crying out for attention. She is wonderful to watch, especially when she begins to expose the truth about her character. Yes, I even got a bit teary eyed watching her act, but she is darling to watch!"            -- Gisella Batista, NY Theatre Guide

"...presented with brave messy angst and deterioration by Lindsay Bayer."                                                                    --Wes Doucette, New York Theatre Review


"Joseph Michael Moser and Lindsay Bayer (Anthony and Johanna) should consider an iTunes release of their numbers...-- Ted Hoover, Pittsburgh City Paper


"As Ela, the girl loved from a distance by Babberly, Lindsay Bayer isn't just the most incandescently pretty actress to glide across a local stage this year. She supports my belief that God has a crush on redheads."                            --Doug Shanaberger, Observer-Reporter